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    Yes, EMP attack is a new type of warfare tool that powerful countries can use for forthcoming battles. Many sources also claim that China has already used EMP technology against India, and Mumbai’s blackout is a result of its attack. However, if I address your question, then yes, an EMP attack can damage electric grids and electronic devices if the attackers enhance the voltage supply.

    If we talk about what will work after an EMP attack, then yes, satellite phones and walkie-talkies would work after an EMP attack for communication purpose. You can also read more about it from our this article Similarly, if you have installed a solar system in house for power generation, then it could also be very beneficial for you. Your electricity supply wouldn’t be hurt in that case.

    But it is still a dangerous situation because if planes’ air control communication is hurt, they can come to the ground free fall. It is serious concerns, and countries like the US etc., are already working to stop such EMP attacks in advance.



    I think you should consider the mentioned source because it is providing a variety of adopting sources here. We can also suggest you this Pet Community of Facebook to get further support about Cavapoo adoption in Texas. Moreover, you can also find a variety of cavapoo rescues for adoption from here


    Honestly, no one can say anything about the stock market crash in 2021. Nevertheless, we can relate it with Covid-19 situation, inflation, international events and job opportunity. Luckily, countries are lifting the lockdowns because of sudden decrement in coronavirus active cases and death tolls. That’s why many closed industries like restaurants, entertainment and travel industry are going to start their businesses again.

    However, any ‘Black Swan’ event could be expected because of high tensions between two powerful countries China and the United States. If you an investor then you should follow these tips to secure your stock investment and survive in a stock market crash.

    • You should invest in different categories. Yes, I am talking about diverse investment. Likewise, if you are investing in Electric Vehicle stocks then you should also pick a different class like pharmaceutical stocks etc.
    • It is also important to closely monitor your stock portfolio and take preventive measures if you smell something bad.
    • Using bond strategy, investing indexing, and avoiding investment in struggling companies could also be beneficial to survive in stock market crashes.

    There are several ad banner maker online tools and software available. In this thread, I am going to share one of the best tools to make an ad banner for a retail shop.

    Adobe Photoshop

    Adobe Photoshop is one of the best options that you should use if you expertise in graphic designing. Withal, if you don’t have experience in graphic designing, then you can still make your ad banner with Photoshop with the help of their ‘how-to’ videos. Yes, these guides are very beneficial regarding the use of Adobe designing tools.

    Adobe Photoshop Banner Maker


    Though there are many software available that allows you to make ad banner from scratch but honestly such tasks become very challenging for newbies. Especially retail shops with limited budget want simple solutions for their issues. That’s why I would suggest you to use this shop banner maker. It provides several pre-designed ads, and you just need to edit them according to your ad.

    BannerBoo - best banner maker


    If you want to create a banner to run an online advertising campaign for your retail shop, then you must consider Bannersnack. It only takes 5 minutes to make an ad banner. You just need to define the banner size, add background and visuals, pick the button shapes, add animations, and be ready to download your ad banner.



    It is also easy to design a beautiful banner for your Etsy or any other retail platform banner. It offers around 100 layouts to its users, and it is easy to make banner by editing any of them. However, we would suggest picking premium plans for Canva because the free version is not helpful enough.

    Canva Make Ad Banner
    Hopefully, these tools would assist you in making the ad banner. Best of luck!


    Thanks for question Lisa. I would like to add more information in this response to provide detailed information to our readers. Alev Alev is a Turkish series which is being aired on Show TV. This Turkish dizi Alev Alev is basically a remake of French “Le Bazar de la Charité”.

    Alev Alev Story

    The story of Alev Alev revolves around three ladies Cemre, Ruya and Cicek. Cemre is the wife of a known lawyer who wants to make her wife mentally ill. Cemre bears his torture for many years but she decides to fight against her husband and escapes one day. Now, she starts her fight against her husband and tries to win the custody of her 6 years old daughter.  Her cousin Ruya also supports her in this entire process. On the contrary, in a fire event, the servent and friend of Ruya has burnt. Yes, I am talking about Cicek. Cicek was about to marry Ruya’s driver Ali but this incident totally changes her life.

    Alev Alev English Subtitles

    There are several sites which are streaming Alev Alev with English subtitles. Likewise, you can stream it Alev Alev at Express Dizi with English sub, but all these free sites would air some popup and other ads unluckily. That’s why I would recommend you to watch Alev Alev with English subtitles here This YouTube channel regularly streams Alev Alev with English subtitles, and their catalogue owns all previous episodes.

    Hopefully, you would love to watch Alev Alev dizi with English sub, and it would also encourage you if you are trying to figure out your problems in life. Especially the character of Cemre is very inspirational for viewers.



    It entirely depends on your requirements and skills. If you are good at coding, then HTML could be a good option but if you are a newbie and want to try a lot of web development features and plugins with few clicks then for sure WordPress is a convenient option to use.

    By the way, I also want to correct you that HTML is not a CMS, it’s just a coding language.

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