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    Hi Everyone!

    Since the beginning of this year, I was thinking of adopting a Cavapoo but I noticed people usually mix them with Cockapoo. No doubt, both the breeds are very familiar with each other but I want a Cavapoo. There is much difference between them likewise, the weight of Cavapoo is around 11 to 22 pounds and its height could be a maximum of 11 to 17 inches.

    Probably, from this description, you guys wouldn’t mix both of these breeds. In this regard, my friend suggested to me this source to adopt Cavapoo in Texas and yes this article mentions Doodle Rock Rescue and Doodle Dandy Rescue. But, still, I am not sure about these organizations.

    I would be grateful if you share your suggestions about the most reliable organization or even online platforms to adopt Cavapoo in Texas. On the contrary, by bringing up my own Cavapoo, I am also considering offering dog walker service to different people. However, I am not aware of the legal requirements. Therefore, it would be great if you share some secondary level courses, legal requirements and dog walker insurance quotes with me. Although I found this source very helpful to compare dog walker insurance quotes but I am looking for a Texas-based insurance site.


    Waiting for your response.



    I think you should consider the mentioned source because it is providing a variety of adopting sources here. We can also suggest you this Pet Community of Facebook to get further support about Cavapoo adoption in Texas. Moreover, you can also find a variety of cavapoo rescues for adoption from here

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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