2022 Best Firebase Alternative?

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    I was recently working on an application project but it became tough to proceed with Firebase. Then, I tested a variety of Firebase alternatives from here https://digitalcruch.com/firebase-alternatives/ and I am also sharing one of the top 2022 firebase alternatives with you.

    Here we go:


    If you are thinking to go with big names like AWS or Azure as an alternative to Firebase then it will be wrong. Yes, you should also give a chance to quality BaaS vendors like Back4App. Even you can test this free Firebase alternative under its Free plan where you even don’t need to use your credit card for registration.

    Similarly, the powerful backing of Parse and real-time database also make one of the best Firebase substitutes for developers.

    AWS Amplify

    AWS Amplify also joins this race as a powerful full-stack app development platform. Yes, you can’t only build backends of mobile and web applications here but can also create front sides. A variety of Amazon Web Services (AWS) products could also be easily used with this service.


    Backendless is one of my favourite Firebase alternatives that you should try in 2022. It comes with a smooth and easy to deal with interface. Its real-time database, hosting, authentication and storage properties will amaze you. Luckily, you can also quickly test this platform through its free tier.

    Hopefully, these Firebase alternatives will help this community but if you have some options then suggest by commenting below!



    Thanks Lisa for sharing these Firebase alternatives with us. You can also consider reading our thread from here https://peektimes.com/forums/topic/open-source-alternatives-of-firebase/. You can also include the following Firebase alternatives in your list:

    • Parse
    • Hoodies
    • 8Base
    • NHost
    • Kuzzle
    • Supabase and much more.
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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