Can We Expect Stock Market Crash in 2021?

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    2020 was a mixed year for stock markets where the stock values of different companies enhanced and few also lost their value. Howbiet, I am here to know your opinions about the stock marketing crash in 2021. Are you smelling stock market crash in 2021? If yes, then what could be its reasons and how we can survive in stock market crashes?

    Please share your thoughts.


    Honestly, no one can say anything about the stock market crash in 2021. Nevertheless, we can relate it with Covid-19 situation, inflation, international events and job opportunity. Luckily, countries are lifting the lockdowns because of sudden decrement in coronavirus active cases and death tolls. That’s why many closed industries like restaurants, entertainment and travel industry are going to start their businesses again.

    However, any ‘Black Swan’ event could be expected because of high tensions between two powerful countries China and the United States. If you an investor then you should follow these tips to secure your stock investment and survive in a stock market crash.

    • You should invest in different categories. Yes, I am talking about diverse investment. Likewise, if you are investing in Electric Vehicle stocks then you should also pick a different class like pharmaceutical stocks etc.
    • It is also important to closely monitor your stock portfolio and take preventive measures if you smell something bad.
    • Using bond strategy, investing indexing, and avoiding investment in struggling companies could also be beneficial to survive in stock market crashes.
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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