Top 7 Live Hurricane Tracker for Florida

Live Hurricane Tracker for Florida

Florida is one of the top states of America where hurricanes hit most often. Yes, it ranks first among the most prone to hurricane states, and around 120 hurricanes have hit this state from 1851 to 2018. Although Florida is still facing different categories of hurricanes till now, but live hurricane tracker for Florida plays a crucial role in safeguarding people.

However, it is still difficult for many Florida residents and visitors to find an authority hurricane tracker in Florida to track upcoming storms. So, we are presenting one of the best live sites to know is there a hurricane in Florida now.

Here we go:

NOAA Hurricane Tracker — High Authority Hurricane Tracker for Florida

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which is known as NOAA, is basically an official US regulatory and scientific agency. NOAA was founded under governmental supervision in 1970. Although NOAA confers a variety of services, including weather forecast and inspection of atmospheric, seas and fishing conditions but you can definitely rely on it to track hurricanes in Florida.

Hurricane Tracker NOAA

In this regard, you just need to open its official website and know about hurricane forecasts for Florida. Here are the significant features this live hurricane tracker for Florida offers to viewers:

  • NOAA ensures hurricane tracking accuracy with the help of NWS Radar Imagery, NHC Aircraft Reconnaissance and NHC analysis tools. So, you can track hurricanes or weather in Florida with great authenticity.
  • NOAA forecasts disturbance chances for 2 or 5 days and categorizes them into three types. Less than 40% is taken as mild, 40% to 60% is about more chances of cyclone formation, and more than 60% is for extreme circumstances.
  • It also presents a 2-day or 5-day tropical weather outlook in the form of a graph.
  • NOAA and the majority of other hurricane trackers represent the hurricane with this hurricane symbol symbol. Indeed, this symbol signifies a future hurricane in a particular region. Similarly, tropical storm symbol is the sign of a tropical storm.

National Weather Service

National Weather Service (NWS) is another federal government agency of the United States that is known as one of the leading Hurricane trackers for Florida. This agency was initially founded in 1870. Nowadays, it is considered a reputed name for tracking hurricanes in Florida and other states with the backing of 122 regional Weather Forecast Offices (WFOs).

National Weather Service

To use this site to track hurricanes or floods in Florida or its cities, you need to enter the ‘city’ or ‘zip code’ in the search bar. It will show you a complete forecast of weather with current conditions. You can also explore the following features when you use this live hurricane tracker:

  • NWS categorically talks about the storm chances from now to the upcoming 4 days.
  • This live hurricane tracker for Florida shares the current humidity levels, wind speed and heat index of any city in this state accurately.
  • Hourly weather forecasts and mobile support are benefits of using the National Weather Service (NWS).
  • However, if you only want to find a live hurricane map for Florida, it will navigate you to the NOAA site. Yes, all official updates on Hurricane Danielle are available on the NOAA site.

Florida Today

This Florida-headquartered newspaper is another reliable source to track hurricanes for Florida live. With the powerful support of NOAA and NWS, Florida Today provides a trusted and detailed map named ‘Florida Storm Tracker and Model Mixer’. The major features that Florida Today Storm Tracker confers are:

Florida Today Hurricane Tracker for Florida
  • Florida Today facilitates Florida residents with various warnings and watches, including hurricanes, storm surges and tropical storms.
  • Its active user interface gives a comprehensive view of flash floods, hurricanes and tornado warnings.
  • Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide upcoming weather forecasts compared to NOAA and NWS.

CNN Storm Tracker — Reliable Hurricane Tracker for Florida

CNN is one of the most credible names among weather forecast agencies. Their team of meteorologists doesn’t only telecast accurate forecasts for their television or live viewers, but its official site also displays live tracking of hurricanes for Florida.

CNN Storm Tracker Florida

Here are the core features of CNN Storm Tracker:

  • CNN Storm Tracker for Florida hands over all information, including storm category, wind type and pressure.
  • Luckily, you can watch the current satellite image of a specific area with this tracker.
  • Similarly, you can watch the live satellite view of European and American model forecast winds & radar using the official storm tracker of CNN Weather.


AccuWeather is another US-based weather forecast company that streams the live activity of different storms, hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons on its hurricane tracker page. Although it provides commercial weather forecasting services but it is free to use the AccuWeather hurricane tracker to get all updates.

AccuWeather Storm Tracker Florida

Here are the major pros & cons of using this storm tracker:

  • You can clearly see the hurricane locations on the map and see the storm activity in a particular city in Florida and the Atlantic Ocean.
  • It also supplies all and recent data of maximum sustained winds, pressure, wind guts, movement and position if you click on a hurricane named ‘Danielle’.
  • This hurricane tracker for Florida doesn’t present details like NOAA, CNN Weather and NWS.

FPREN — App to Track Hurricanes in Florida

Florida Public Radio Emergency Network (FPREN) is a big community when it comes to forecasting storms and hurricanes in Florida. This community basically works on days of public emergency and gives updates on 13 radio stations in Florida. Yes, it has reached the maximum population of Florida. You need to visit their site and can explore the weather situation in your area.

Florida Storm App

Here are the core features of using this platform:

  • The part of FPREN is the provision of a storm tracking application. Indeed, you can utilize the ‘Florida Storm App’ to get real-time information on local weather and storms.
  • The robust backing of the University of Florida, College of Journalism and Communication and WUFT makes this Florida-based storm tracker a valid option.
  • It doesn’t only facilitate viewers with a live update, but you can also find a 7-day outlook or hour-by-hour weather updates here.

Florida Disaster

If you also want to get recent news of low, medium and high weather threats while tracking hurricanes in Florida, then you can also pick Florida Disaster. This platform shares the true picture of lightning, winds, flooding, fog, excessive heat, rip currents and wildfire in Florida.

Florida Disaster

Here are the basic things that Florida Disaster presents:

  • You can watch the tropical outlook of 5-day weather in Florida.
  • It also shares information about rip current risks, flooding emergencies and fire weather threats for Florida.
  • The interface of this hurricane tracker is not user-friendly and hard to understand.

This article displays one of the most credible free sources to track hurricanes in Florida. Hopefully, these live hurricane trackers for Florida will help you stay safe in this lively state of America. However, if you know about more resources and sites, you are welcome to share them by commenting below.

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