6 Best Massages in Belfast that You Must Try

Best Massages in Belfast

As the capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast is considered a beautiful city situated near River Lagan. Although Belfast has several attractions but, its massage culture is very rich. Yes, this article is going to discuss one of the finest massage therapies you can avail in Belfast from certified practitioners.

Top 6 Massages in Belfast

Let’s talk about the leading massage treatments available in Belfast:

1. Sports Massage 

A technique that emphasizes improving tissue elasticity, increases circulation, and lowers muscle stiffness refers to sports massage. Unlike spa or regular massages, this treatment uses intense pressure to reduce muscle tension. 

However, sports massage is not only good for people related to sports and outdoor games. Yes, if you have muscle pain because of physical activity, you can also employ it. However, it is a big quest from where you are taking this treatment. 

Indeed, several authorized practitioners offer this massage in Belfast for sports injuries, but I always prefer Natural Healing Clinic and Physio Performance. These guys are best at providing an outstanding massage experience to relieve pain.

Sports Massage

2. Thai Massage

Thai massage has been widely popular in the past few years. This is basically an ancient massage technique introduced by Indians. However, it has a great influence on conventional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. 

This massage basically involves stretching, rubbing pressure points, and rocking techniques. You can also mix Thai massage with advanced yoga practices. If we talk about the benefits of Thai massage, relief from headaches, back pains, and muscle stiffness are at the top. 

Contrarily, is it a good idea to have a Thai massage in Belfast? The answer is yes. Clinics like Orchid Thai Massage and Belfast Physio Massage are reliable places to get this massage at economical rates.

Thai Massage

4. Deep Tissue Massage

Another massage therapy that you can utilize to deal with sports injuries and musculoskeletal problems could be deep tissue massage. The practitioner applies strokes with different grades of pressure to heal your painful body area. 

It is also good if you are suffering because of a high blood pressure problem, tennis elbow, and sciatica. However, it is better to get your physician’s approval first if you are using blood thinners and having chemotherapy. 

It is simple to find deep tissue massagers in Belfast, NI. However, you should check their certification before getting the service. Archie Coogan, Aura Day Spa, and BeautyHavenBelfast could be good choices here.  

Deep Tissue Massage

3. Reflexology

This technique applies distinct degrees of pressure on feet, hands, and ears to reduce stress and relieve pain. It was originally started as Chinese medicine. Chinese people call it ‘vital energy’ or ‘qi’ (Chee) and believe that it keeps the body away from illness. 

The primary advantages of reflexology are reduction in anxiety, stress, and pain. Without any side effects, it could be a general massage that can offer you many benefits. You can prefer this reflexology Belfast clinic to get the best services in this regard. 

Some incredible options could be Archie Coogan, Willow Massage Center, and Verda Therapies.


5. Shiatsu

We have talked about Chinese and Indian therapies, but you need to know that the Japanese are also inventors of effective massages, and Shiatsu is one of them. Japanese call it ‘Ki’ or ‘Qi,’ but the pronunciation is similar to Chinese Chee. This technique utilizes a collection of tapping, pressing, stretching, and kneading. 

It is valuable to handle hormonal imbalances and improve immune and nervous systems. Some other benefits of Shiatsu are relief from anxiety and depression. The majority of people also use this Japanese alternative medicine to get rid of back and chronic pains. 

By the way, muscle stiffness is one of the commonly seen drawbacks of using Shiatsu. So, it is always advised to choose a trusted clinic after analyzing reviews from previous clients. 


6. Hot Stone Massage

A technique that places hot stones on the back of the patient refers to hot stone massage. Clinics use plain basalt-made stones and heat them at 130 to 145 degrees before placing them on the back. These stones are usually placed on the spinal area of the back, on the stomach, chest, feet, palms, and face. 

Some massagers use Swedish massage alongside hot stone massage therapy to enhance its effectiveness. This treatment is good for dealing with stress, anxiety, muscle tension, and sleeping disorders. Plenty of massage clinics in Belfast have hot stone massage offerings. So, employ one wisely.

Hot Stone Massage

This article presents one of the top-notch massages available in Belfast, NI. You should choose a massage that addresses your problem and find a certified practitioner in your town.

Hopefully, it will work!

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