The 5 Best Chinese Dramas

The Best Chinese Dramas

Chinese dramas are very popular everywhere in the world and the demand for those dramas is growing every day. Fans surely love to observe Chinese dramas due to their moves, adventure, romance, crime, comedy, and thrill. One-of-a-kind Chinese actors deliver their fine performances in their serials.

Right here is the listing of the best Chinese dramas.

Hidden Love – Fantastic Chinese Drama

This drama gained a lot of reputation because of its beautiful love story. Actually, this drama is based on the love story of Sang Zhi and Duan Jia Xu. The dashing Chen Zheyuan played the character of Duan Jia Xu. The cutest girl in China Lusi Zhao played the role of Sang Zhi. The ranking of this drama is 8.7 according to IMDb.

Hidden Love

However, this TV serial can be watched on Netflix. If we talk about its other cast then there are many affectionate and passionate stars working in this series. Victor Ma, Ding Xiao Ying, Qiu Xinzhi, Zeng Li, Zhang Baijia, Zhang Jiong Min, Lu Dong Xu, Wang Yilan, and Zijing Guan are the main cast of Hidden Love.

19th Floor – Adventurer Chinese Drama

19th Floor is the most adventurous Chinese drama that every person should watch. Sun Qian, Wei Zhe Ming, Bai Shu, Xiao Kai Zhong, Rachel Wang, and Tao Hai are the main roles of this serial.

19th floor

For all that, this drama is directed by Cai Cong. Its popularity is also increasing day by day because of its fantastic thriller scenes. The pleasant Sun Qian played the role of Chun Yu and Gao Xuan is another most beautiful character in this drama.

You Are My Glory – Feel Good Chinese Drama

It is another best Chinese drama and famous Chinese characters have worked in this series. Dilraba Dilmurat is the most powerful Chinese actor who gives an excellent performance in this TV serial. People love to watch Dilraba Dilmurat in different dramas.
Handsome Yang Yang is also working in this drama. He performed the role of Yu Tu. If we talk about the story of this drama then its story is very engrossing and captivative. This serial is directed by Wang Zhi. Literally, You Are My Glory is a mixture of romance and comedy.

You are my glory

Different other characters performed very well in this series. Sun Yali, Yanlin Wang, Hehuizi Zheng, Chengcheng Huang, Songyan Tu, Ge An, Shihuai Wang, Kedi Zhao, Yueming Pan, Xiaoning Zheng, Lei Luo, Bo Peng, Fu Xi, Shuai Zhou, and Ke Hu are entertaining people with their magnificent acting.

Falling Into Your Smile – Gaming Chinese Drama

“Falling Into Your Smile” is a popular and best Chinese drama series that aired in 2021. The show is also known by its Chinese title, “你微笑时很美” (Nǐ Wēixiào Shí Hěn Měi). It is based on a web novel of the same name by Qian Xun Qian Xun. From the name of this drama itself, it is known that this is a very interesting drama.

Falling Into Your Smile

Xu Kai and Cheng Xiao are the main characters and this drama tells the love story of two professional gamers. Han Gao, Bruce Crossey, Kai Sun, and different other dynamic stars are functioning in this drama. It is directed by Qiu Zhong Wei.

The Love You Give Me – Romantic Chinese Drama

The Love You Give Me is another newest Chinese drama. It’s the story of two married couples Min Hui and Wang Zi Qi. Forsooth, some misunderstandings came in them. There are 28 episodes of this TV serial and all the episodes hit the record.

The Love You Give Me

You will find all the above plays on Netflix. Although all these dramas are very riveting. These Chinese dramas are being watched in different parts of the world today and people watch these plays with great interest and love.

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