Why Email Marketing is Still Important in 2022?

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    Among a variety of digital marketing strategies, it was expected that email marketing would dead in 2022, but it was a misconception. Though most of us don’t bother to open and read every email but businesses do. Yes, in 2022, businesses prefer to read all of the emails they get at their official email IDs. In short, a powerful and precise email marketing strategy with the right B2B email list like this can assist you in lead generation and sales. In this thread, I am also going to discuss why email marketing is still important in 2022.

    Email Marketing is Cost-Effective

    Compared to other digital marketing strategies like SEO, ad display, catalogues and social media marketing, email marketing gives more return on investment (ROI). Yes, Campaign Monitor claims that email marketing provides around $38 as a return in terms of sales when you invest $1 on email marketing.

    Provides Real-Time Customers

    Email marketing company Litmus claims that around 54% of companies and individuals open their emails on smart devices. This doesn’t only lead to real-time customers but can also convert into a real-time sales generation. Indeed, well-established mails have more chances to enhance the conversion rate.

    Email Marketing is Affordable

    This is another reason why email marketing is still important in 2022 and owns its unique value. If you compare email marketing with other digital marketing strategies like ads, SEO and social media campaigns, you would notice that it is very affordable. Even if you have some marketing skills, then you can run your email marketing campaign on your own and engage more customers.

    Numerous Tools to Enhance Email Deliverability

    Definitely, businesses want to avoid undeliverable emails while conducting their email marketing campaigns. It surely happens in many cases, particularly if your target company is using filter or security protection software. However, you can get rid of this by using tools like Outbound SMTP and can improve SPF grades by using these duocircle.com/content/spf-record-check services. With improved SPF rankings, you can send emails to your target customers in their inboxes. In this regard, the use of DuoCircle could be a good idea because around 25,000 plus organizations are already using this service for email protection and better deliverability.

    Uses Very Common Medium

    If we talk about the B2B businesses, then around 73% of communication is being done via emails. That’s why we can say email marketing is a trendy tool because it uses a viral medium to engage customers. Email marketing provides you with a fascinating opportunity to reach every customer because around 91% of people have an email address in the United States.

    Increase Brand Awareness

    Mayhap many of us only consider social media and online presence a way to increase brand awareness but honestly, email marketing is also a great tool to make people aware of your brand. It doesn’t matter whether people buy your email idea or not, but email marketing increases brand awareness among the target businesses and individuals.

    Easy to Evaluate the Results of Email Marketing

    Again email marketing proves itself better than other digital marketing tools. Yes, it is easy to check the results of email marketing. You can easily measure how many people opened your emails, how many of them clicked your provided source, how many gave you a response and how many emails converted into the sales. In this regard, you can use any email marketing software, and it would easily tell you all of these stats.

    In short, the main purpose of sharing this thread is to make our readers aware of the benefits of email marketing. Indeed, marketers should still consider this technique because email marketing is still important because of its massive benefits. You can also share your experiences and thoughts about email marketing by commenting below!


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