Concerts in Salt Lake City After Covid-19?

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    I think I am not alone who missed musical gatherings and concerts in Utah in this entire lockdown period. Finally, these days have been passed and we have vaccines now. States are uplifting the lockdowns and further restrictions and luckily, we can attend concerts of our favourite artists.

    As my family has taken the second dose of vaccine that is why we are thinking to attend a live concert. However, we are just confused between different options. Likewise, I am preferring to go to ZZ Top’s concert who are performing in Salt Lake City on 23 August. Yes, I am a big fan of ZZ Top.

    But as they are performing on Monday so my mom is not happy with it. She asked me to pick any other concert from this list and I am not sure which other perform should we select. Do you think Carver Louis’s concert is a better option? He is performing on Friday 27 August.

    What are your thoughts and suggestions?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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