BaaS Vs. Custom Backend?

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    Hi Everyone!

    For web application of our company, we are confused between custom backend and Backend As A Service. Right now, we are proceeding with custom backend service of a backend development company, but it costs us around $60k to $90k per year, and we are thinking to overcome it. In this regard, we are considering BaaS as an option where the backend is pre-stored in the cloud. We also took much assist to understand these two terms from this source, and you can also suggest reliable sources like this with us.

    Why Should I Use BaaS?

    Here I am also mentioning some points in favour of BaaS so it would be easy for you to suggest me the perfect option:

    – With a ready backend feature, it is quick to build applications with BaaS.

    – Similarly, either it is about long-term or short-term project, the price of BaaS is always lesser than the custom backend which attracts the businesses.

    – From hosting, servers and integrations you really don’t need to care about anything with backend as a service because it is usually included in your package which services you are taking. However, some BaaS companies don’t include hosting in their bundle, and you would have to go with self-hosting option.

    Drawbacks of Using Backend As A Service?

    In the same token, if I talk about the drawbacks of using BaaS, then I am afraid of its low customization and scalability. Do you think it would affect us if we use BaaS for small projects where less customization is required?

    Why Should I Use Custom Backend?

    On the other hand, few of our team members are also preferring custom backend and no doubt, it also has too many benefits. I am going to share a few of them here:

    – With custom backend, it is elementary to custom the application or project whenever you want it. It doesn’t matter what the current growth level of your mobile or web application is. Custom backend offers you 100% customization with complete scalability features.

    – Moreover, as data security is very crucial for every company, that’s why custom backends are also preferred because they use private servers where the breach or steal of data is challenging for hackers.

    – One of the best competitive edges of custom backend over the BaaS is its reliability. Yes, with custom backend, you don’t depend on the service provider, and it couldn’t be shut down any time without your permission.

    Drawbacks of Using Custom Backend Services?

    Now, if I talk about the cons of using custom backends, then the biggest problem is its cost. You also need one of the best brains for your custom backend team. Also, you would need more time for development with custom backend service.

    In short, the decision is challenging to pick the right option, but I would love to hear your suggestions in this regard.

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