2021 Best 3D Animation Software [Free And Paid]

3D Animation Software 2021

Are you looking for one of the best 3D animation software that 100% work in 2021? If yes, then you should read this article thoroughly and must consider our suggestions.

Animation designing and 3D modelling have become very popular in the whole world because of the increasing popularity for the creation of animated advertisements and movies. This fact shows that animation designers are more demanding in today’s industry for creating films, advertisements and cartoons as well. 3D animation creation is a highly valuable skill for the people, and designers are learning animation creation for their passion and promising future.

However, if you want to start a career in 3D animation, then you must be aware of some of the best free 3D animation software. Or if you are a professional, then you just go with the best animation software application to please your clients.

Withal, there are many applications available for animation creation and 3D modelling, but professional people need to choose the best option for creative results. The best 3D animation software applications in 2021 are listed below with their details description.

Blender — Free 3D Animation Software

Operating System: macOS, Windows, Linus

This 3D Animation Software Is Free: Yes

Supported File Formats: 3ds, x3d, dae, ply, stl, fbx, vrml97, vrml, obj, lwo

Blender 3D Animation Software

Blender is a well-known 3D animation software all over the world because of its extraordinary features and tools for animation creation and 3D modelling. This 3D animation software is entirely free for users. The primary and most useful features of Blender include 3D modelling, UV wrapping, texturing, motion graphics, simulation, etc. This 3D animation software can be used in Windows, Linux, macOS and Steam Operating Systems. The easy to use interface of Blender is very helpful for the users to learn and polish their animation creation skills.

Autodesk Maya — Good Paid 3D Animation Software

Operating System: Linux, macOS, Windows

Monthly Charges of Maya: $205

Yearly Charges of Maya: $1,620

Supported File Formats: ai, maya, aiff, dae, dwg, eps, mel, obj, stl, dxf, fbx,

Autodesk Maya Best 3D Animation Software

Autodesk Maya is one of the most useful and popular 3D animation software applications with its ultimate features and tools for 3D animation creation. This 3D application can be run on Windows, macOS and Linux. There are many Ready to use graphics available in this animation software for the ease of the users.

3D modelling and motion graphics tools are beneficial for the animation creators to enhance the productivity of the 3D animated movies or scenes. It allows you high-level editing with a clip-based and non-destructive editor.

Autodesk Maya is free for the students but paid for the professionals. This software costs $1,620 per year for the professionals to get the brilliant features and tools of this amazing 3D animation software application. You may download a free trial version of Autodesk Maya for one month.

CrazyTalk — Best Affordable Animator

Operating System: Windows, Mac

Supported File Formats: wmv, gif, real media, avi, tga, wav, BMPs

Is Free Trial Available: Yes

One-Time Payment Per User: $29.95


CrazyTalk is one of the most famous animation creation software applications in the World. It is being used for facial animations. 3D head creation tool and smooth lip-sync tools are highly useable to create facial animations without facing many difficulties by using this software.

This software can be used to develop highly creative animations, and the beginners can learn it efficiently and effectively from the official website of the CrazyTalk. No doubt, it is straightforward to use and helpful for the users to learn and enhance their 3D animation creation skills.

Unluckily, this software is not free, and the minimum package of this software costs $49. Both Windows and Mac users can download its free version to try its features and test the software for 3D animation creation and modifications.

Cinema 4D

Operating System: Windows, macOS

Supported File Formats: dae, dxf, dwg, x, 3ds, fbx, iges, obj, lwf, dem, rib, skp, stl, wrl

Is Free Version Available: Yes

Monthly Charges of Cinema 4D: $94.99

Monthly Charges of Cinema 4D for One Year Plan: $59.99

Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is another powerful 3D animation software application for creating animated films and scenes. This software application is best for the 3D animation creators who need quick results from the software. This 3D animation creation software is best known for its faster results to the users.

Moreover, the easy to use interface is helpful and useful for the users to learn it in a concise period of time. Modelling, Texturing and animation are major features of this powerful animation application for the users.

Fortunately, this software supports both Windows and Mac Operating Systems. The most inexpensive annual package of this software costs around $799. The free trial version of one month is available for the users to experience the amazing features and tools of this software application.

Autodesk MotionBuilder

Operating System: Windows, Linux

Supported File Formats: asf, fbx, htr, tr3, bvh, c3d, amc,

Is Free Version Available: No

Monthly Charges of Autodesk MotionBuilder: $$230

Autodesk MotionBuilder

Autodesk offers several software applications for graphics and animations, and MotionBuilder is terrific 3D animation software of Autodesk. MotionBuilder is 3D character animation software and used for virtual cinematography, motion capture, and traditional keyframe animations.

Motion capture playback and editing tools provide unique functionalities for the users to create 3D character animations using this software application. The outstanding features of MotionBuilder include real-time 3D engine, efficient workflows, motion capture editing and smooth interoperability.

This animation software costs $1,855 per year, and the free trial version is also available for the users to test its features. In addition, if you ask about the operating systems then for sure, it works for Linux and Windows perfectly.

Source Filmmaker — Another Good Free Animation Software

Operating System: Microsoft Windows

Supported File Formats: mdl, vvd, dx90, vtx, 3ds

Is Source Filmmaker Free: Yes (but you only need steam account)

Source Filmmaker

Source Filmmaker is a video capture and editing software that works inside the Source game engine. Actually, this software uses the assets of the game engine to provide animation creation services for the users too. This software application is entirely free and open-source for the users. You can’t only use this 3D software to create 3D animations, but it is also perfect option to create arts and posters, which mean that this is a complete package for graphic designers and animation creators.

Above all, editing, recording and arranging shots can be done through the most useful feature of Source Filmmaker named as Clip Editor. The motion editor of this software is helpful for motion adjustments. This 3D animation software is beneficial to learn and enhance the skills in animation creation and modifications. You can operate this software for Windows by downloading and installing from the official website of Source Filmmaker.


The animation industry has been grown due to its increasing popularity all across the world, and there is a considerable role of animation software available to create animations with easy to use features and interfaces. In this article, PeekTimes tried its best to share a few free and paid 3D animation software.

Indeed, users can learn animation creation and 3D modelling easily by learning these animation software applications. As animation creators will be in-demand in future. The above software apps are the best options to learn and enhance the skills in 3D animations for efficient and effective results.

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