Difference Between Lab-Grown & Natural Diamonds?

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    It is a general concept that both lab-created and natural diamonds are the same, which could be right in many senses. Indeed, both organic and lab-grown diamonds have the same clarity about the 4C’s of a diamond cut, colour, clarity and carat weight and properties regarding natural insertion. However, in this thread, we are going to discuss the difference between both lab-grown & natural diamonds in a detailed manner.

    Lab-Grown Vs Natural Diamond

    Difference Between Lab-Grown and Natural Diamonds?

    According to Clean Origin, the significant difference between the natural diamonds and lab-grown ones is its birthplace, but in this thread, we would discuss more differences between organic and lab-created diamonds.

    Have a look:

    Lab-Grown Diamonds

    Natural Diamonds

    Grown in a molten metallic solution and these metal inclusions don’t come from the ground. Mined beneath the Earth’s crust and have inclusions like crystal and features etc. Rarest natural diamonds don’t have inclusions.
    Lab-grown diamonds are significantly inexpensive as compared to the natural diamonds. The price of a round shape diamond with a clarity of VS2 is around $3,776. Natural diamonds are expensive as compared to the real diamonds. The price of a round shape VS2 clarity diamond is around $7,713.
    Lab-grown diamonds are more sustainable than natural diamonds. That’s why couples should prefer them, and you can find a variety of lab-grown diamonds jewellery designs here. Natural diamonds are not only expensive but also not much sustainable as compared to the lab-created diamonds. That’s why we would suggest couples with limited budget options should prefer lab-grown diamonds.
    Lab-grown diamonds are usually created in yellow, white, blue, pink and green colours. Yes, they are grown between D to K grade colour range. Natural diamonds are available in every possible colour.
    It needs six to ten weeks to manufacture a lab-grown diamond. Though natural diamonds are sculpted under the ground from 1 to 3.3 billion years, that’s why they only need 3 to 4 hours to cut and design them with the help of modern technology.

    Moreover, to purchase natural diamonds, you should go with GIA certification. But keep in mind, GIA doesn’t certify lab-created diamonds on the same scale that’s why it is better to check GCAL while purchasing a lab-grown diamond.

    If you know more differences between lab-created and natural diamonds, then you can share your thoughts by commenting below!

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