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Undoubtedly insurance is expensive in Northern Ireland compared to other parts of the United Kingdom, but there are many reasons for it.

– First of all, there are only a few insurance companies in Northern Ireland that are eligible to confer insurance plans. So, competition is less, which is why prices are high.

– Similarly, legal requirements are also a reason for expensive insurance in Northern Ireland. Yes, you need to pay high costs in case of accidents, due to which premiums are higher in Northern Ireland compared to the rest of the UK.

– High traffic on roads, more mileage, and uninsurance drivers are also factors raising the cost of insurance in Northern Ireland.

Now, if we talk about the best insurance companies for Northern Ireland residents, then I would like to share the following ones:

Apricot Insurance

If your uncle and aunt are based in Belfast and only want to insure their home and vehicles, then Apricot Insurance is a viable option. You can simply get quotes by visiting their website. By the way, it is better to compare quotes by using this site for Northern Ireland residents and it will make you aware of what a variety of insurance companies are charging in NI in the name of premiums and coverages.

Allianz Northern Ireland

It is another one of the best insurance for Northern Ireland residents that covers home, vehicle, pet and various other insurances. Luckily, you can also grab a 10% discount when you go with this insurance. However, I noticed that Google reviews are not good enough but are not after-service ones. Also, they are not paid.


If your uncle and aunt are only looking for affordable car insurance in Northern Ireland, then you must go with Aviva. It comes with a 5-star rating, and hopefully, it will be a good option for them. The other coverages that Aviva offers to NI residents are personal accident insurance, travel insurance, health cover, pet insurance, home cover and income insurance.

Hopefully, my response will assist you in finding reliable insurance for Northern Ireland residents. You can also discuss this issue with NI-based friends and locals to get more authentic pieces of advice.

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